1. A beach in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.


  2. Anonymous asked: hey can you add more text to your posts? your photos are awesome and i want know more about them!

    Of course. I usually try to do that (check out some of my posts from Ethiopia as an example), but sometimes I just can’t come up with anything to write. It depends on how inspired I am at the moment :) But I’ll try to put some more energy into it now that you say it! Thanks a lot of the comment, I appreciate it. 


  3. Last photo from Miami. More architecture and a monorail.


  4. More architecture from Miami. 


  5. Architecture in Miami. I don’t find Miami particualrly interesting, but there’s some beautiful architecture. The most impressive architecture is the art deco in the art deco district in Miami Beach. These photos are not from Miami Beach though - just Miami. The second photo has a bit of a noir feeling to it in my opinion.