1. Two women prepare (what I think is) teff which is a special kind of crop growing in the Horn of Africa, from which injera (an Ethiopian staple) is made.


  2. A staircase leading to a tunnel which leads from one rock-hewn church to another in Lalibela, Ethiopia. This was built in the 12th-13th century during the reign of King Lalibela, and today the churches are still in use. 


  3. Old communist art at The Square of Heavenly Peace in Beijing, China. 


  4. Beautiful reflection in the harbor of Liverpool, UK. As far as I remember the white building to the very left is the Museum of Liverpool. 


  5. Kids eating lunch during Children’s Day in their school in Gauribidanur, South India. What they eat is tomato bath or tomato pilaf. They eat the food from palm tree leaves, which is something Indians do on special occasions.